Young Adult Carers Service

Young Adult Carers (YAC) are young people aged 16-25 who provide unpaid care to a relative, family member or friend who cannot cope without their help.

This could be looking after someone who has a disability, long term health condition, mental health problem or addiction to drugs or alcohol.

The care provided by a YAC can vary from personal care, administering medication, household chores as well as emotional support. However, the caring role will vary from one person to another and they do not have to be living in the same house as the person they care for.

We are a transition project that supports the Young Carers (aged 8-18) who attend YMCA, Young Carers Service. We ensure to support them in the process from leaving one service and moving into another as they develop into adulthood.

‘We work to raise awareness in sixth form college and University and support Young adult carers in education training and work. We can help with filling in applications and completing CV. We will support you as you search for courses apprenticeships and training.

The support we offer or What we offer/ provide

The Young Adult Carers Service offers

  • 1-2-1 holistic and tailored support (Face to face, on the phone and via Facebook),
  • trips, activities and opportunities.

It gives them a chance to meet with others of a similar situation, opportunity to learn new things, whilst most importantly to give them a well-deserved break from their caring roles.

Transport can be provided if there is no other means of the young adult carers getting to the youth club and if needed bus fare can be refunded to the Young Adult Carer.

If you would like to get involved in the service or have a young person who would benefit from the project please contact:

Jim Harle YAC Well-Being Worker / YACs Education Worker (temporary cover)

Tel: 01792 653344/07534177728


Joic Majo (Youth Club Worker)

Tel: 01792 653344