Carer Assessments

Carer’s Assessment – your legal entitlement – The Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014

What is a Carers Assessment?

 All carers have the right to an assessment. This is an opportunity for you to talk about your caring role and what help or support you could benefit from.

A Carers assessment is your legal entitlement under the Social Services and Well –Being (Wales) Act 2014. This is an opportunity to discuss with Social Services how caring affects your life and the impact that it has upon it.

You are legally entitled to a Carer’s needs assessment regardless of the amount or type of Care you provide. As soon as it is apparent to a Local Council that you may have needs for support they Must offer you an assessment.

Who is entitled to an Assessment?

  • You are entitled to an assessment whether or not you live with the person who you care for
  • If you are sharing caring responsibilities with any other person or persons including a child under 18, each of you are entitled to an assessment in your own right
  • You can request a needs assessment regardless of whether the person you care for has had their own assessment and has been deemed by their Local Council that they are not eligible for support

What if the person I care for receives an Assessment in their own right?

 The Local Council can combine the assessment of the person you care for with your own assessment to ensure they are linked and complementary. Please note this should only be undertaken with your permission

The Local Council must not assume that you can and are willing to meet any needs without discussing this with you first.

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