Advice and Support

You are not alone. Swansea Carers Centre staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help make your caring life a little easier.

Find out more advice and information such as Financial, Care & Support, Managing someone's affairs and more.
We realise that the financial impact on caring for someone is worrying for carers and their families.
If you're a carer aged 16 or over and feel you could benefit from talking to a counsellor, you can call the Carer’s...
We know that people’s mental health has been severely affected during lockdown and we recognise that carers’ lives, in particular, have been affected...
Our groups are supportive, caring, educational, good fun, sociable, and really are as caring as caring can be.
Caring for someone can sometimes be tiring or stressful and you may feel in need of a break or rest.