Male Carers Support Project

Many carer groups are under represented in various health and social carer services, amongst them are male carers who, studies suggest, form around 42% of all carers.
Swansea Carers Centre have established a new service to engage with male carers and offer support and advice.

The project offers:

• Support to enable male carers to maintain and improve their own well-being through one-to-one support, group sessions and activities. They will have the opportunity to learn new skills and coping strategies to sustain them in their caring role, avoid carer crisis and breakdown.

• Support in a practical, supportive and non-stigmatising way for men taking on caring
roles, particularly later in life. Male carers may find aspects of domestic work difficult if
previously such tasks have been done by the person they now care for. Also, they
may now find themselves providing intimate or personal care to that person.

Information & advice on:

We will:

  •  Identify more male carers and provide them with support
  •  Make closer links with organisations to work together to support male carers.

For further information contact:

Tel: 07498877658

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