Ask About Dementia: specialist consultations available.

Are you caring for someone with Dementia? If you do not already have access to these services in Swansea, then Cardiff UHB ‘Ask About Dementia’ project is offering the following specialist consultations:

There are three appointments available on Thursday 10th June with our occupational therapist and dietitian. 

Steve is an Occupational therapist with expertise is around supporting individuals with cognitive impairment to engage in maintaining independence in the community. He is involved in diagnostic assessments within a memory service and crisis resolution within Community mental health teams and can offer advice on strategies to maintain independence and wellbeing.

Lexi is a Dietitian and is able to provide advice and support on appetite and dietary intake, including making mealtimes more enjoyable for a person, food based activity ideas, helping with food refusal or practical difficulties related to eating and drinking or during mealtimes. Lexi can also signpost to online resources with further information and advice in relation to nutrition and Dementia

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