Carers ID/Emergency Card

Many carers have told us that there is a lack of ID available to prove they are caring for a family member or friend. This became more apparent during lockdown when paid carers, nursing staff and other key workers were given access to priority shopping times. Carers said they would have felt more confident if they could have produced an ID card.

COVID-19 pandemic has brought a number of added challenges for carers, not only are they now spending more time looking after loved ones but other everyday tasks such as going for medications, or other essentials now takes longer. The introduction of the ID card should hopefully ease some of that pressure.

Emergency Card. The card has a dual purpose because it also serves as an Emergency Card. Carry this card in your purse or wallet as it identifies you as a carer, shows your name and an emergency telephone number to call to alert someone that the person you care for needs help.

To apply for your FREE Carers ID/Emergency Card contact or download form below and email completed form with photograph to karen.