Celebrating Creative Carers

Karen Acton and her son Mark worked with Mary Hayman on some Spring Art during Lockdown. Karen writes of a special time spent with her son.

“My son, Mark, lives in supported living in Exeter but, just the day before Lockdown, he came to live with me for over three months. Each day we explored our locality and the places Mark loves. We walked on the empty beach we can see from our sitting room window. We looked for wreckage from pirate ships, we walked far out to the edge of the waves, we blew bubbles and watched rainbows form inside them, we collected shells and picked up mermaid purses, and we paddled.

We walked through the wood next to our house onto Clyne Common or to the cemetery looking for angels and wild flowers. In Clyne Gardens, we walked among the blossom trees and we had adventures at Oystermouth Castle, on Mumbles Hill and in Caswell woods.

We had home days too, reading fairy tales and pirate stories, jigsaws, colouring in super hero pictures, setting up the train set, castle or farm and, at dusk, watching foxes play and looking at Venus and the stars. We even saw Space X fly over Mumbles lighthouse!

Washinghouse Brook, the wood next to our house, became a starting point for so many walks it inspired us to make a woodland scene. And Mark selected the photos to create this poster from our weekly photo diary. A lovely way to remember our Lockdown adventures and all just a short walk from home.”

Mark has now returned to his home in Exeter and, from what we hear, he continues to have adventures there!

Puddles of Joy

Pink wellies walked into waves yesterday
                        Walking and talking the length of the beach
            Paddling long elastic whispering waves
                        Luxuriating in their susurration
            Noticing swirling, melding washing suds. Wet clouds
                        Floating easily, flirting, even giddy over smooth golden sand
            Giggling happily, not a care in the world. Well-wrapped-up 
                        The breeze sending the Sun sailing effortlessly, high overhead
            In a flash, on a whim, a capricious freaky wave stole right in  
                        Breaching the beach, taking our breath, happened so fast
            Rode gushing, rushing, swirling past, speedy as Gonzalez
                        Far beyond where we could reach. In too deep. Aghast!
            Helpless, felt the water freely fill knee-high wellies
                        Full to the brim. Freezing February ice cold sea
            Poured out gallons, almost laughable. Tipped upside down to dry
            Lovely Woolly Pringle socks, warm as toast
                        Soaked, reduced to sodden rags. Dripping despondently. Uggggh!
            Arrrrgh! Wispy cirrus ice clouds sailing blue skies, breezily above
                        Indifferent to bright red painfully exposed feet
                        And painted wind-whipped toes, now frozen on the sand
                                    It was the solicitous kindness of my friend
                        That made it bearable, I am OK, I am fine, I truly said!
                                                             ©️Liliane Davies, Gower 2020
                             Another Adventure, another sunny Beach Day

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