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Swansea Young Adult Carers Project
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It's helped me meet new people who are like me and are going through similar things to me
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The Young Adult Carers Project is based within Swansea Carers Centre.

Young Adult Carers (YAC) are young people aged 16-25 who provide unpaid care to a relative, family member, or friend who cannot cope without their help.

This could be looking after someone who has a disability, long term health condition, mental health problem or addiction to drugs or alcohol.

The care provided by a YAC can vary from personal care, administering medication, emotional support as well as household chores.

However, the caring role will vary from one person to another and they do not have to be living in the same house as the person they care for.

We are a transition project that supports the Young Carers (aged 8-18) who attend YMCA, Young Carers Service through from children’s services to Adult services. We ensure to support them in the process from leaving one service and moving into another as they develop into adulthood.


What do we do?


YAC Gorge Walking

Youth Club

We have a youth club  twice a month which is the first Thursday and Third Friday of the month for Young Adult Carers, based in the Ethnic Youth Support Team on 11 St. Helens road 6-8.30pm.

The purpose of these sessions is to give young people a break from their caring role.

We provide activities in the session for them to get to know each other learn something new and also assist with their caring role.

The whole idea of the session is for them to feel relaxed in a space where they feel safe and welcome, so they are able to have a break from caring.

1-2-1 Support

We provide individual with one to one support and help with a variety of issues associated with their caring role, such as education, finances, housing and emotional support. This could mean going for a chat and a coffee or assisting in an appointment or arranging other support for the Young Adult Carer.

Text and Online Support

We have a closed Facebook group where we inform all the YACs about what is going on. All staff who run the YAC project have works only facebook account which the YACs can add to gain quick information and support. The project also has a works phone where the young people can call and message to gain information and support.

Trips and Activities

We regularly provide activities throughout the year especially during the holidays where we take the carers on various indoor or outdoor activities all depending on what the YACs have asked for.   In the past we have been on trips such gorge walking, paintballing, Winter wonderland as well as having a confidence and wellbeing workshop.

Transport can be provided if there is no other means of the young adult carers getting to the youth club and if needed bus fare can be refunded to the Young Adult Carer.




If you would like to get involved in the project or have a young person who would benefit from the project please contact Alex Atkins on call 01792 653344/ 07511714796 alternatively email her on alex@swanseacarerscentre.org.uk