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Get your child’s health passport
new initiative from ABMU
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helping our child feel safe and comfortable in a health care setting
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Health Passport A 
Health Passport is an ABMU [Abertawe Bro Morgannwy University Health Board] initiative. The Health passport is a communication tool which displays information by using a traffic light system to help you as a carer of a child, health professionals and those dealing with your child to rapidly understand your child’s health needs, likes and dislikes, etc. so your child is safe and comfortable in health care settings.

It provides a picture of the whole person, by including information that is not only about illness and health. For example, it can include lists of what the person likes or dislikes, from physical contact to their favourite type of drink, as well as their interests. It aims to improve communication, enable choice making and to co-ordinate care effectively.

 Health passports are available at Swansea Carers Centre!

 For more info, please contact Swansea Carers Centre on 01792 653344 or alternatively send us an email at admin@swanseacarerscentre.org.uk.