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It's vital that carers look after their emotional needs
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Christine Nutt, Counsellor

Christine Nutt, Counsellor


The Counselling Service at Swansea Carers Centre is available to all carers and those whose caring role has ended for whatever reason.

“It is vital that carers look after their own emotional well-being, all sorts of emotions are raised to the surface when we are under pressure,” said Christine Nutt, Counsellor, ” if these emotions aren’t acknowledged and understood, then carers can quickly become low in mood and feel that they are unable to cope. Tiredness and feelings of being overwhelmed can combine to make a heady cocktail which in turn can lead to feelings of being depressed and feeling that we are out of control or over-emotional.”

As well as the counselling service we also hold different support groups around Swansea, and although we acknowledge some carers feel unable to join in group activities, they are a very therapeutic way of helping you unburden yourself and just be with other people who understand what it is like to be a carer.

To access our counselling service contact christine.nutt@swanseacarerscentre.org.uk