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Carer’s Emergency Card
- carry it with you at all times
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Emergency CardIs there someone who cannot manage without your help? Perhaps an elderly relative, a disabled child or adult, someone with drug or alcohol problems, someone with mental health difficulties or someone with a long-term health issues?

If so, you are a Carer and this card could help you in your role.

A FREE carer’s emergency card is now available in Swansea

The carer’s emergency card is a credit card sized card which will fit easily in your purse or wallet and will enable people to quickly identify you as a carer in an emergency

If you have an accident or emergency, then the card will alert the emergency services that there is someone at home who can’t manage without your help or assistance. They will then contact the number on the back of the card that you have provided so that someone can help the person you care for

You should carry the card with you at all times

Call into Swansea Carers Centre to pick up your card or contact us on 01792 653344